We are the only South American Laboratory that elaborates implants for the filling of soft tissues and dermatology products of high efficiency and quality, with 20 years in the market of Body and Facial Aesthetics.


All our products are registered in the A.N.M.A.T. (Health Ministry of Argentina).

Since the launch of our first product, Estrianon®, known worldwide as the only effective formula for correcting stretch marks and body scars, endorsed by scientific studies; our team of technicians designs and elaborates formulas of proven efficacy in order to help the medical professional of aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Our main lines of products are: Estrianon® (for the treatment of stretch marks and body scars), Triterpén® (for the decrease of cellulite and localized obesity), Extrafirm® (for the decrease of body flaccidity), Cientific® (formulas specially designed for correcting dryness, wrinkles, skin aging, and more) and our medical devices elaborated with raw materials from the USA and Europe, implants for the filling of soft tissues, Cientific Facial Implants®.

We currently have official distributors in more than 10 countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Russian Federation, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and soon in the USA and Europe.

Experience, permanent innovation and efficient products of high quality is what we have for you with a Laboratory of more than 11840ft², a factory specially designed for the elaboration of medical devices and dermatological cosmetics.

We take care of our clients, and we demand the same behaviour from our distributors and resellers who must know and give our guidelines of advice and excellence.

We are sure we can work together to satisfy the demands and expectations of your costumers.

Kind Regards,

Marcelo A. Futerman

General Manager